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Miss Hell's Kitchen 2023

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Amanda Porq
Miss Hell's Kitchen 2023

Amanda Pörq (Ethan L. Wintgens) is an NYC-based, GLAM award nominated drag entertainer and producer from Crooksville, OH. Amanda has performed in every borough as a guest performer, pageant competition contestant, host, and emcee. She was crowned Miss’d America 2022 in Atlantic City in the fall of 2021. With the opportunity to hold a major regional title, she has had the ability to travel the Atlantic coastline as an entertainer. She had the privilege of returning as a judge for the contest in 2023, just before claiming the title of Miss Hell’s Kitchen 2023.

Amanda has several years of dance and theatre training, but her main goal when it comes to a career in drag is to create safe spaces for queer+ people to live vibrantly. Amanda offers comedic mixes with dance breaks, dips, tap dancing, and anything else that will get an audience to pay attention. She can even serve you Appalachian clog dancing and skilled archery if necessary! Many of her performances also include social/political commentary. And to top it all off, she can (kinda) sing too! One can find her doing weekly brunches in Hell’s Kitchen at Cheeseboat, bingos, bachelorette parties, nightclub events, bar shows, karaoke nights, baby showers, and the occasional quinceañera! 

Drag entertainers have a responsibility to represent queer individuals who feel that they do not have a voice or a public platform. With drag being increasingly blended into mainstream entertainment and pop culture, she knows that it’s critical that she uses her chops to make a difference. Whether it be raising money for HIV/AIDS awareness, or hosting corporate brunches, this entertainer knows how to work a room.

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